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Here you have a long list of true type fonts for your PC.  You can download them clicking either on the image or on the title above.
Download the fonts you wish and extract them into the "Fonts" folder where you have Windows  installed  (Windows, Winnt, Win98...).
If you see no capital letters, small letters or number in the images below, that means that specific font lacks of them.
Otherwise, capital, small letters and numbers will be displayed within the image all having the same size.
In case of display error  (you cannot see images), click on it/them with the right button of your mouse and select "Show image" (Internet Explorer).

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- In, you can download hundreds of true type font for free.
- Once downloaded, you only need to install (copy) them into the folder "Windows/Fonts" o "Winnt/Fonts".

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Click on the image to download the font  'Aapex':

If you see an error, please send me an email so that I can correct it:
(remember to write the name of the font)
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